BLOG 2021


As usual with the car photography workshops that I run there was an eclectic variety of cars from classic British sports cars to modern hot hatches and GT's. This was the second time I have run a course at Goodwood and with seven photographers in attendance it was a chance for them all to explore the variety of backdrops that were on offer. For me the site worked perfectly, with the opportunity to do a grid shot at lunchtime as well with all of the cars was a real high point for everybody, I must admit the cars on track showcased the huge variety that we had put together, a big thank you to the owners who attended with a mix of Citroen, Morgans, Mustangs, Mini GP3 and Pete's Lotus Esprit fresh from a restoration the photographers were spoilt for choice, I forgot the Bentley, Jag and Ronart!

The car photography workshops have been running for ten years now and give the photographers a chance to capture some iconic cars against some classic backdrops without the usual crowds around the vehicles, plus we have the facility to move the cars in to those positions that just aren't possible at large car gatherings. Alongside Goodwood motor circuits track day we spent the afternoon using panning techniques and focused on the track day action, again a huge variety of cars in action. The next dates are Friday 4th June and Friday 20th August, more details can be found under the training tab, or alternatively please do not hesitate to contact me for further details.

Spaces are limited and I have a few left for June 4th date so please message or phone me to book a place.