BLOG 2021


Portrait photography for companies and individuals is always a busy time of the New Year for me, it is a great opportunity to use the new headshots for your social media, marketing and LinkedIn profiles. With the current restrictions it has been a difficult time to cover these, but with social distancing measures in place and using outside spaces I can create a variety of portraits that will go away from the traditional studio style imagery...
The New Year represents a fresh start for everyone, new branding, a refresh of their website/social media pages and a new headshot helps raise the company profiles. I like to use various backdrops if possible, especially outside, this gives the images a fresher appeal and makes them stand out from the standard plain backdrops, I usually take these as well so you have a variety of portraits to choose from across several platforms and using outside space adds to the flexibility of the portrait photography.

Prices for corporate portraits are competitive and i cover all across the UK, taking bookings now post lockdown restrictions, they can be taken at your offices, home, on location or at my studio space in Canterbury. A typical session for up to 10 staff would last 1 to 1.5 hours so not taking up a great deal of time.

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