BLOG 2021


A lot of the car photography that I cover is usually fast hot hatchbacks or luxurious sports cars, so when an opportunity to photograph an estate car for BMW Car magazine arose it ticked all the boxes as a good all round daily driver that under its subtle bodywork packed a real punch with its 3 litre diesel engine...
The B Road Hunting Club is a car club and coffee house which will have its new home launched early Spring, I met Larry the owner of this Estoril Blue 335D through the group and pitched to BMW Car mag the idea of covering a daily driver that is the one stop shop for the best all rounder. An estate car that has four wheel drive, eight speed auto box, 313 bhp and a 0-60 time of 4.8 seconds is enough to keep up with any car, plus the straight six 3 litre engine has a monstrous 630 nm of torque, plus it still returns a sensible mpg.

We used Read's Restaurant and the surrounding areas for the photo shoot, Estoril Blue is probably one of the most popular BMW colours, and with the black leather upholstery it sets the tourer mould really well. Plus the car had some M sport styling with the side skirts and roof spoiler. The full article of this 335d touring will be featured in a future edition of BMW Car magazine, in a world of SUVs for me you still can't beat the stance of a sporty tourer and Larry's 3 series is the one car i'd have in my garage as a one stop shop.

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