BLOG 2021


When Volkswagen brought out a hot hatch version of its hatchback in the mid 1970's it caused a stir, here was a car for every day use that was propelled by a 1.6 litre engine in a lightweight car that you could go shopping in, use for the commute and at the weekend go for a blast on some country roads. It transformed the road car as we know it, and soon all of the other manufacturers followed suit. Now in 2021 the hot hatch is one of the most popular cars out there, we have moved up in the power ratings though and the election is vast, especially with the new MK 8 GTI, which comes in standard guise, Club Sport and the 4WD R version.

I borrowed the GTI in deep black pearlescent paints from Canterbury Volkswagen, the car was fitted with every conceivable option, including the upgraded 19" Brescia alloys and panoramic roof. The car was fitted with the 7 speed DSG automatic gearbox, with 245 PS and the 2 litre TSi engine it was rapid on a damp yet mild day, supportive tartan cloth seats ( a nice nod to its heritage) and the sporty digital dials alongside the flat bottomed steering wheel make this a nice place to be, as mentioned earlier this is all the car you'll ever need. Price wise it starts from £33,510, this demonstrator specced up comes in just under £40,000.

My first three cars were MK1 and MK2 Golf's so I have always had a soft spot for the marque and the GTI which I haven't owned yet. The car photography photo shoot for the dealer took place at the Sibson building on the University of Kent campus. The modern building has been used before for a number of car shoots and with the gold of the building being highlighted by the early afternoon sunshine I knew it would be perfect with the Profoto lights to set the deep black pearlescent paintwork off. After having the car for a few hours I hen set off back to the dealership, seeing the Club Sport version in the showroom with 300 bhp makes me wonder what that will be like??