BLOG 2021


Whatever kind of cars you’re into, you’ll find something at Carozo it is set up for everyone who is mad on cars. That includes classics, hot hatches, sports cars and those unique one-off projects that some of us have been working on for years!

At its heart, Carozo will be the definitive online car auction site in the UK but there’s a lot more to it than that. The team are creating a whole new community for everyone who owns, buys and sells interesting cars. This includes car collectors, specialist dealers and countless thousands of private individuals who just adore cars and think of little else.

Carozo is a site by car enthusiasts FOR enthusiasts, and the unique features baked into our site reflect this.

The photography of the VW Golf R32 was a little different to my editorial work as the photos had to reflect the car in its glory, warts and all. Buying anything online os always a gamble, but with the brief from the team at Carozo it was very much capturing marks, wear and showing the car as realistically as possible. I have to say for a seventeen year old car with 1250,00 miles on it owner Keith and the previous owners have looked after the car and it stands up really well for one of the most iconic hot hatches produced.

The car will be live on the Carozo site tomorrow, Tuesday 12th January. I'd definitely recommend placing a bid or two if you want to own a piece of hot hatch history.