BLOG 2021


Owner Russ' first car was a Mk4 Escort so the brand has always been part of his car culture, the car looks standard from the exterior with the exception of the Compomotive Motorsport alloy wheels. Underneath the bonnet its a different story, a Borg Warner turbo which gives the car plenty of power for a vehicle that weighs in around 1200 kilos.

The RS Cosworth was the result of a Ford Motorsport project with the purpose of producing an outright winner for Group A racing in Europe. It has followers all over the World and prices now have climbed dramatically for this 80's icon. The photography took place on the outskirts of the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex, open space, Autumn colours and some greasy B roads were the setting for the car photo shoot that will appear in a future issue of Fast Ford magazine.

I deliberately kept this shoot simple, Nikon D850 with the Sigma 50mm Art lens and for the panning shots the D5 and 70-200mm lens, no lights this time which meant that we could work quickly, over exposing for each image meant that the white of the car was clean and using the scenic backdrop with the light coloured car made it stand out. Bonus was fellow RS Sussex owners club member Darren tagging along for the drive by photos.