BLOG 2021


November last year I photographed a highly modified E46 BMW, fitted with a supercharger, lowered and immaculate inside and out with BMW upgrades Josh's car was perfect fro the backdrop of Thruxton motor circuits pit lane and entrance...
When I booked the original shoot up with Josh the weather wasn't that great, so we delayed it a month until November, this worked out well as he had just had a roll cage fitted and i'd secured Thruxton motor circuit as a backdrop.

The BMW E46 had been detailed just before the photo shoot so was in immaculate condition with a real gloss on the metallic black paintwork, blue skies as well added to the lighting and by using some subtle fill in lighting with the Profoto set up the finished photos looked spot on, plenty of contrast and detail throughout.

The set of images will appear in a future issue of Performance BMW magazine very soon where the article will tell the story of the build of Josh's car, have to add that the cars ride height can be adjusted inside the car, which comes in handy for those speed bumps!

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