BLOG 2020


Fair to say the standard M4 is a fast car, dynamic handling and a good all rounder on the road and track. So when I met Dan at a car event and saw his sticker up M4 I thought it was just a standard homage to a DTM replica, then I saw the badge on the back that said Methane! Under the bonnet the car has been heavily breathed upon to produce almost double the power of the standard car, plus with the extra carbon fibre splitters and spoilers it looks like the car should have done out of the factory.

Timing was perfect for the shoot as we had delayed it for various reasons and as I was just in the process of working with Thruxton motor sport circuit in Hampshire we used the venue as a backdrop. There was no shortage of detailed areas tp cover and some low down angles added to this cars aggressive stance. The full feature will be in a forthcoming edition of Performance BMW magazine, keep a post on my instagram page for updates @jasondoddphotos