BLOG 2020


A few months ago I photographed Dean's Fiesta ST-3 which is producing in excess of 300 bhp, a real pocket rocket that not only backs it up with performance but looks as well...
This is owner Dean's third Fiesta and its fair to say everything about it looks the part, plus with his business detailing cars it was spotlessly clean for the shoot in Essex on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

We used a large industrial estate that Dean had access to, a nice variety of backdrops and space where I could capture some clean shots for the text to overlay on some images, plus it had a long winding road which worked well for some panning and head on photos of this blue oval hot hatch.

Always nice to see the finished article and also which images were used for the feature, Dean has been active on Instagram with publishing some of the photos and feature take look at his page @official_deanst3