BLOG 2020


As we start to get in to Autumn its that time of the year where a lot of car photo shoots are lining up before some owners cars go in to hibernation for the Winter, last weekend I covered a stunning example in the shape of Andy's MK2 Focus RS...
The car photography shoot was for a feature in a forthcoming issue of Fast Ford magazine, the Focus MK2 is one of the most modified hot hatches out there and this example has a carbon fibre theme to it, and the car looks as stunning in the flesh as it does in the pictures.

We used a location just a stones throw from the Dartford crossing, early Sunday morning all you could hear was the roar of the Focus, the number plate isn't just there for show! Haven't photographed a white car for some time so was nice to add the triple set of Profoto lights at it to lift the black BBS alloys and to light the grill and splitters. As usual around 50-60 images were edited so that the magazine has a selection to choose from for the final magazine feature plus for online and social media use.

I have a few Ford's to photograph this week but in the shape of the late 80's and early 90's Sierra models.