BLOG 2020


Proprietor Daniel had asked me to cover some general photos of the showroom and cars currently in stock for a brand new website due to launch very soon. Alongside the website the company is having a rebrand as well so it was important to get some fresh images for the social media pages.

We done the second of two shoots at night with some light painting, the Aston martin DBS in silver worked really well against the showroom. I used two Profoto lights either side of the cars and then a third light was used as a "torch" to light the car during a 30 second exposure, this allowed for me to light the far all over and the lightning silver paintwork really took to the shot. Camera was of course on a tripod and using various manual settings to expose for the background worked well for me, sometimes you can use different exposures as layer them. Look forward ti see the new website and branding going live very soon. Take a look at Daniel's current stock at