BLOG 2020


Over the last six months I have been covering a lot of car photography for numerous magazines, one of the cars i've always wanted to photograph is the Z3M coupe, as this took place just as we were clearing lockdown easement it was taken on a private industrial estate. The conditions were perfect on the day as the sunshine made the Estoril Blue look vivid with the addition of the Profoto lighting to ad some fill in flash.

As usual the magazine requirements were to take a variety of landscape and portrait photos of the car, plus a mixture of interior images and "fill in" small detail shots that can be used within the feature and also on social media outlets. I also captured a stunning yellow BMW 2002 at the same time, a post on this was up a few weeks ago. I used the 70-200mm zoom lens and 24-70mm, this works well fro close up images and the interiors as at 24mm it doesn't go too wide and keeps distortion very limited.