BLOG 2020


The W108/W109 premiered at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 1965. The initial model range consisted of three W108s (250 S, 250 SE, and 300 SEb) and a sole W109 (300 SEL). The six-inline engines were carried over from the previous generation with mechanical refinements. The 2.2-litre M180 engine was enlarged to 2.5 litres which is in owner Sol's example that you see here. The metallic red, Ivory perforated leather and thick pile carpets really give this car a feel of luxury, plus in this condition its a joy to photograph, one of my favourite cars that I have covered this year, and thats been a long last to date!

Although the Sun was bright and we had no cloud cover it is important to bring the Profoto lights in, they give a fill in light to the chrome, arches and shadows under the car, plus it also allows the metallic to be picked up in even more detail and shows the cleanliness of the lens of the car, bearing in mind its over fifty years old now it looks showroom fresh and looked at home in the stunning setting of London Golf Club. Look forward to seeing the final set of photos printed up in Mercedes Benz Enthusiast magazine.