BLOG 2020


The Fiesta ST500 uses a 148bhp 2 litre unit and had some extra tweaks inside, carbon fibre, heated recaro seats but to all intense purposes didn't look too different to a lightly modified ST, so Hazel has completely updated the look of the car and made it completely unique, hence why Fast Ford wanted to do a photo shoot pin it for a future issue of the magazine.

The photoshoot took place at Tilbury Docks Anna quiet Sunday afternoon, thats been one advantage of lockdown that most places are very quiet so not too many interruptions at all, although that is starting to change as hospitality venues start to open. After the external images which worked well with the blue and overcast sky, I then covered some detailed images and interior/engine bay which Hazel has again customised for a unique look. The shoot was then finished off with some panning shots, car looks like its going at speed but in reality 25-30 mph and a slow shutter introduce blur to the background and give movement in the wheels creating the element of speed. Watch out for the full feature in a Fast Ford magazine appearing soon.