BLOG 2020


Williams group are an independent specialist car retailer and have over 100 vehicles in stock, two of which looked like amazing bargains, a 2016 740IL stretch limo and the 2010 4.4 V8 X5M SUV. Each car is around a quarter of its original retail price, and in the spec of the 7 series it was full to the brim with tech, including heated and air cooled massage seats, and the X5M with that sonorous V8 engine is the perfect all rounder for family trips and a civilised blast on a Sunday morning.

We used a large farm yard nearby and the open country lanes to capture bathe vehicles, a nice contrast in paintwork and with the string midday sunshine high above the lighting from the Profoto kit just need to fill in some shade underneath the cars and add some fill in to the alloys. Simon will be writing a buyers guide in both cars in a forthcoming issue of BMW car magazine, I had the chance to drive both cars and for £23000 the 740il would be my pick of the two, sublime comfort and that 3 litre straight six engine is perfect for this comfy saloon. See both of the cars at and the large selection of other vehicles for sale.