BLOG 2020


The photography took place on a sunny day, no cloud cover to start off with and high vis reflective clothing is always a challenge, with this in mind I shot in to the sun, using a mix of Profoto A1 and B2 lights to give some subtle fill in lighting. The photography showed a variety of ground work, telegraph poles, digging and the stages of planning back at the NPD depot.

NPS facilitate speedy and accurate network planning of any Wide Area Network, Local Area Network or Voice Over IP installation to ensure optimum performance of both systems and staff. The company has a reputation for planning the most complex of networks precedes us with customers such as Google, Dell, Bloomberg and Twitter choosing to use the skills and expertise that so many companies have come to expect as standard from us.

The new website will be live soon and I will re-visit with an update and the implementation of the photos in to the completed design.