BLOG 2020


The photography was for the Blackthorn Trust, and the charities goal was to raise funds for the new landscaped garden that was being designed by Marian Boswell. The trip down to the Apls in the South of France took in some breathtaking scenery, we had great support from local companies in terms of sponsorship, this included kit, assistance during the trip for kayaker Susie Chassagne's training (she only learnt 6 months prior to the trip to white water kayak!) and the supply of a Land Rover Discovery Sport by Barretts Land Rover.

The photography during the trip was to document Susie's venture in to the demanding white water rapids, this was the first time outside of Lee Valley Park in Essex where her training took place that she had been in the elements. Weather was good all week and we had two full days of photography, this involved capturing some kayaking action images, the Land Rover for Barretts to use for promotional purposes and the rest of the team assisting. I took a variety of kit with me and all of my Profoto lighting equipment, this was followed up by the company to do a profile on there website which highlighted the flexibility of the compact lighting set ups and also a run through of settings used during the photography in France.

Its been nice to look through the images where the trip down in the Land Rover down to the Alps was just as spectacular as capturing the white water raids, spectacular scenery and some great memories.