BLOG 2020


London Golf Club is situated near Brands Hatch in Kent and is part of the European golf tour, it sits in some lavish landscapes and was designed by legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus' "Golden Bear" design team. It not only provides a professional course for amateur and professional golfers but also a stunning backdrop for the two Madagascar Orange twin Morgan sports cars.

I got the chance to drive the brand new Morgan Plus 6 again, this time on a warmer and drier day then last time when the temperature was two degrees! Massive thanks to Rikki and the team at London Golf Club for there hospitality, the cars stand out anyway but alongside the club house and greenery the pearl paint really made the cars pop, alongside some sunshine and the addition of the Profoto lighting.

It's certainly been a challenging week for me and everyone so hopefully the bright pairing of these two British sports cars will brighten the day up.