BLOG 2020


Now in its sixth year the London Classic car show has firmly established itself on the map for classic and sports car enthusiasts. The show has some of the finest classic and vintage models ever produced, whether your in to 007s Aston Martin DB5 or spec B Audi Quattro rally cars there was everything that you could dream of owning in one arena.

I was covering the event for the Mustang owners club of GB who had a large display area with four cars on show, these went from the late 60s classic to the modern S550 shape showing the changes of the iconic car over the years.

The show celebrated Bruce McLaren with some of his Grand Prix cars which looked stunning in bright orange livery. Olympia has an Art Deco vibe about it and I thought that it worked well with the classic cars on display, I miss the runway which excel was famous for where you got to see the cars on parade, and also hear them. Look forward to returning next year to Olympia and seeing how the show evolves from this year.