BLOG 2020


The Plus 6 is a an all new model, keeping the classic looks of previous models but with a more refined interior, ride and going from the gnarly BMW 4.8 litre V8 that featured in the outgoing Plus 8, we now have a more date and refined 3 litre 6 cylinder turbocharged BMW power plant. This car is no slouch though, it might have the same engine as the Toyota Supra and BMW Z4 but it only weighs in at 1075 kg and will sprint from 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, not today though as temperatures of four degrees and Continental summer tyres aren't a great recipe in Winter.

Morgan keep things simple, no bluetooth, navigation, traction control, electric windows, just a standard well finished and unique driving experience. Madagascar Orange Ultra Metallic Paint finished off the Brands Hatch Morgan demonstrator and its the perfect colour for this alternative to a 911. The car comes in at £77,995, with a few extras on it your looking at mid 80's and with the more dampned ride, better quality finish and that silky smooth 6 cylinder engine I reckon its good value for a car that certainly stands out in the crowd.

I used the local area around Brands Hatch Morgan's dealership, nestled in the heart of the English countryside some of the roads were made for this car, and some stop off points provided a typical English backdrop.