BLOG 2019


As usual when its not work then everything else takes a back seat, especially holiday photos! Just edited the images taken from our trip to Washington DC last month...
Their time we have been to America and the capital has always been on the list, full of history, monuments and stunning art and architecture. We stayed in Georgetown just a twenty minute walk from the Whitehouse and the National Mall where all of the museums are based, notably the Smithsonian and one of the most iconic statues the Washington Monument.

As is always the case on our trips abroad I take a compact digital camera with me, the Lumix GX100 is a great little camera with a 24-70mm wide zoom and 1.7-2.8 aperture so great in low light, its also a real luxury not to have a heavy DSLR in tow.

I've included a few highlights from the trip, I could have added plenty more as Washington DC has plenty to explore, must sees are the Library of Congress, Iowa Jima statue in Arlington Cemetery, the National Space Centre and a trip along the National Mall which has memorials covering the history of the USA. November time is a great time to visit, late Autumn brings a radiance of colour and crips blue skies, temperatures were between 2-16 degrees centigrade so a real range. Certainly a place i'd go back to as food, drink and people were great and their is a relaxed vibe around the place.