BLOG 2019


Mustang owner Emily Newman has set up a car rental company specialising in the classic and modern Ford muscle car, iconic since its birth in 1964 and even more popular now its in right hand drive form in Europe...
The day was spent at Millbrook proving ground in Bedfordshire, I was covering the event for Fast Ford magazine and the Mustang Owners Club GB official magazine. The track had been hired for filming, photography and a run though of what prospective customers can experience on a fun packed day of action.

The day starts with an instruction day – learn how to get the most out of your driving holiday with an expert instructor, once you've learnt how to drive the Mustang on a stretch of country roads and alpine passes that have been beautifully created at Millbrook you then set off with a loaded itinerary, hotels booked, Map in Hand, or GPS if you don't want to go old school! You choose the length of your holiday from one of our many itineraries to experience as much, or as little, of the beautiful British countryside, in a Ford Mustang. Mustang Experience UK have chosen some of the best driving roads in the UK for you to experience, and depending on how far you want to drive each day they’ll be plenty of things to stop and check out along the way. Itineraries are generally created around the Michelin Good Food Guide, so you'll always have great food to look forward to!

The photography was in two parts for me, documenting the day with a variety of driving, candids of the Mustang owners and a full shoot of Jonathan's UK only drift Mustang, this car is a real handful and with an experience driver at the wheel pirouetting around myself and the film crew we managed to get some great footage and stills. Looking forward to seeing where this exciting adventure of Emily's goes from here, with the Mustang community behind her and the team i'm sure it will be very successful.