BLOG 2019


Second car photography shoot of the week in Kent for Street Machine magazine, this time a van with a few tricks up its sleeve and an epic location of Brands Hatch racing circuit...
One of the most recognised motor racing circuits in Europe, Brands Hatch was the location to photograph Al Bishop's Chevy Astro van, for this to be in the pages of Street Machine I knew it had to be a bit special. Running a Corvette Z06 running gear, a bespoke straight through exhaust system, and brakes from a Porsche GT3 this car is a real Frankenstein and its racing pedigree was right at home on the Brands tarmac.

The car looks menacing on the outside and stunning on the interior, four carbon fibre races seats, roll cages and the Corvette engine sitting between the two front seats make it a great machine to photograph. As well as the usual angles of the van I covered portraits of the owner alongside some detailed images of the racing gearbox and carbon accessories. The car photography which took place at Brands Hatch will appear in a future issue fo the magazine very soon.