BLOG 2019


Ashdown Park Hotel hosted a second car photography shoot on Monday, this time with Geoff Hazelden's sons BMW M3, boasting the sweet 3.2 straight six this is one of the cleanest examples i've seen, belying its sixteen years...
The BMW M3 was photographed for BMW Car magazine for a future issue, the Phoenix Yellow paintwork really makes the car stand out and we covered a variety of angles of the car in the glorious grounds of Ashdown Park Hotel. On an overcast Autumn morning the colour really popped out in the photos with some subtle lighting.

For the car magazine features they like a mixture of exterior angles, interiors and some detailed shots that can fill out greatly 4-6 pages, including cover options and double page spreads. We ended the session with some panning photos in the Ashdown forest, with the Autumn colours the Phoenix yellow paintwork worked perfectly.