BLOG 2019


Street Machine is a global magazine that was massive in the eighties when it first came out. It highlights classic and modern cars from all marques and my first shoot for them ironically was of a 1968 Mustang GT...
John Headley the owner of this beautiful 1968 Ford Mustang GT met the editor of ten magazine at a car show, after a brief chat and the exchange of phone numbers they stayed in touch. John is a member of the Mustang owners club who I cover a lot of photography for and asked if I could photograph the car for him and the magazine, as we are both in Kent it made sense to cover a shoot on the coast, the rich blue metallic of the car would work perfectly in a seaside environment.

I have used Ramsgate harbour on numerous photo shoots but never with a classic, I also knew from looking at Street Machine magazine a lot of locations were very gritty and urban so a setting with sea, lighthouses and trawlers would be a completely different scenario. The Profoto lighting was as ever a big part of the shoot, really making the metallic paintwork stand out and giving a splash of light on the polished rims that make this car really stand out. A big thanks to John for making this car so easy to photograph as it’s always gleaming, and of course to Thanet Council for permission to photograph the car in this unique setting.