BLOG 2019


Fast Ford magazine as well as lengthy features also odes mini test reviews, today a visit to SCC Performance in Hertfordshire provided the setting for a back to back test of two Revo tuned hot hatch Fiesta's...
Revo tuning company has long been one of the main companies for car owners to head to for performance parts and tuning, they specialise in getting the very best form the cars ECU and then tweaking the cars handling and overall performance from this simple and effective starting point.

I met Jamie from Fast Ford at SCC, we had two cars to photograph, some general statics at the dealer and then some car to car rolling road images to show him driving them back to back. Two very different cars, the standard 1 litre 3 cylinder base model which had been tweaked from 100 bhp to 138 bhp, and then the top of the range Fiesta ST, pushed up by twenty per cent to 250 bhp. Both cars felt incredibly quick on the B roads around the back lanes of St Albans and with the bright red paintwork on the base model and the rally inspired wrap on the ST they looked great agains the tarmac and greenery. I used the 14-24mm wide zoom to give me some space as i was taking the photos from the passenger seat, in rush hour we had a very short window to get the photos with some clean stretches of road. Both features will be appearing in future issues of the magazine the latter part of this year.