BLOG 2019


Kent College has just opened the Grand Hall, has 600 seats in the auditorium, the venue will host students and the local community, featuring arts, music and theatre productions...
The Great Hall project is a reflection of the high level of confidence that the Canterbury community has in Kent College. This is due to excellent pastoral care and focus on the development of students as individuals, resulting in impressive success both academically and in other fields; placing Kent College amongst the best schools in the country.

The new sponsorship between Kent College and the Canterbury Festival is also a vital life-line for the Festival, which recently lost its regular funding from the Arts Council and Canterbury City Council.

The purpose engineered space has been three years in the planning and draws on the latest in architectural design, with the ability to expand or contract its foyer, reducing the seating capacity from 600 to 389 for smaller performances, and creating space for exhibitions, galleries or event entertaining. The building itself has a low-energy passive labyrinth heating and ventilation system, photovoltaic cells and is being built to comply with the highest level of sustainability standards.

The afternoon saw a celebration of music and speeches to announce the official opening of the venue, the photography was to capture some interior and exterior photos of the Grand Hall along with the speeches and students on the stage.