BLOG 2019


One of the most iconic locations for the motorsport fan has to be Goodwood motor circuit, home of the revival and festival of speed plus some of the most historic aircraft as well. Covering a feature for Fast Ford magazine I had been invited to experience their classic car track day...
The Goodwood Revival Racing Experience is a brilliantly authentic, exhilarating and memorable experience where the true craft of driving a classic car can be mastered. Drive a selection of stunning 1950s and 1960s classic saloons and GTs that have been lovingly restored back to their original racing state at the iconic Goodwood Motor Circuit. Think of an iconic car from that era, Jaguar MK 2, Mini Cooper, Lotus Cortina, Porsche 912, their all lined up in the pits ready to be taken on track, plus a host of other legends as well.

To make the experience even more authentic you have the race instructors in period racing overalls and with breakfast and lunch included in the Jackie Stewart pavilion you have the making of a perfect morning or afternoon at the beautiful Goodwood circuit. I went along with freelance journo Al Sullivan, we were taking the Fiesta ST down for a track day feature and combined the classic car track day where a Ford Falcon and Lotus Cortina continued the blue oval theme. During the sessions you get to drive four cars around the track, I love the circuit as it flows beautifully and having taken my Mustang around just a few weeks ago was keen to see what a fifty year old car like the Lotus Cortina would feel like.

You forget that modern cars are easy to drive, power steering, electric seats, air con and fluid steering, oh and brakes! The Ford Cortina has none of these, heavy steering, race seats and a harness that have no adjustment, the seat does go forwards and backwards but that’s it. But once out on track it doesn’t matter, you can rinse the engine for all it’s worth and the flow of the circuit means the car never feels uneasy, my big problem was the brakes, or lack of them, I’ve been here on numerous times and with modern brembos on the Mustang you can leave that middle peddle quiet late, on the Cortina you have to rely on it that little bit earlier. I have to say it was a real buzz once you get to grips with the cars characteristics, Al got to drive the same car alongside a MK 2 Jaguar which looked swish in the track in its bright red paintwork.

After the track session was over all of the participants had a buffet lunch on the terrace overlooking the pits, a wonderful end to a unique day’s driving and one which everyone will be raving about for a long time. I can’t recommend the day enough, all you have to do is turn up with your driving license and off or go, no insurance to worry about plus you get expert tuition from the instructors plus the first class Goodwood hospitality.