BLOG 2019


Ferrari always make special editions of their super cars, the most recent addition is the 488 Pista, starting from just over £251,000 it’s a stunning car to look at and especially photograph...
The late afternoon photo shoot was for Petworth based Atelier Petworth, a super car dealer who I have covered numerous photo shoots for recently. We used the beautiful town of Petworth and the surrounding areas as the yellow finish of the Pista would really stand out on the road and the cobbled streets.

The cars performance is astounding, and from cold it sounds aggressive, the 3.9-litre twin-turbo V8 that now produces 710bhp and 770Nm of torque – and this in a car which, thanks to a lighter exhaust and more extensive use of carbon fibre (including the bonnet, a work of art on its own), weighs just 1,385kg. That’s 90kg less than the conventional 488 – a vehicle that could hardly be called heavy.

The photos were for Atelier Petworth website and social media use, I used a mix of Profoto lighting and wide and zoom lenses for the car photography. On a perfect summers afternoon the location and car made for a memorable session.