BLOG 2019


Ramsgate marina was the location for a car photography editorial shoot that took place last week, Street Machine magazine commissioned me to ironically cover a 1968 Mustang...
John Headley has beautifully renovated the 1968 Fastback Mustang, it’s a real head turner and draws loads of admiration when the car appears at shows and events. John is no stranger to the iconic American muscle car as this is his fifth and a real labour of love.

The car had been sourced by John in the USA, I won’t spoil the future magazine article but I think you won’t find an example as clean as this one around, you could eat your dinner off the engine it’s gleaming all the time.

As always I had received prior approval from the land owners to cover the car photograph at the marina, I’ve used this location before and was conscious John would not want to take the car too far, he lives just a few miles away from Ramsgate and with the vivd blue and seascape I knew this location would work well.

Just a few preview pics as the full feature will be in Street Machine magazine in a few months time. The fill in light was provided by the Profoto A1 and B1, on a bright summers day this just allowed me too underexposed and use the lights as a fill in, the 24-70mm was the default piece of glass for the day, usually I’d use a telephoto and 50mm prime but with the location the wide zoom gave me more flexibility.