BLOG 2019


The GE Classic London to Brighton car run took place from The Royal Park in greenwich on a beautiful Sunday morning, hopefully the start of some warm and bright weather. With over 430 cars participating it was going to be a busy few hours capturing all of the cars as they left the picturesque woodlands setting on their way down to the seaside...
The rally was started at 8.15am , with a mix of 430 plus classic, modern sports cars and kit cars, the mix was even more varied then last year. E Types, AC Cobras, Morgans and some weird and fun looking kit cars were waved off on their way down to Brighton. The photographs will be set up on the GE Classics website for the owners to purchase. The photography was to capture the drivers and cars as they set off, with the number leaving it took the best part of three hours, I also managed to capture some candids before the start of the car run of the owners relaxing and chatting to other fellow petrol heads.

The majority of the photos were taken with the D850 with the 24-70mm lens, ideal for some tight and wider shots of the cars against the GE Classics banner with the trees set as the backdrop, it also provided some close up shots of the drivers as they set off on their journey.