BLOG 2019


Kelsey Media cover many magazines, two that I am now a photographer for are Fast Ford and Performance Mini, a recent car photography shoot at Brooklands Museum covered Jon Thompson's modded Copper S...
Jon's Mi i Copoper S R53 has been a labour of love, and fatter owning some seriously quick cars, Impreza's, M3's and hot hatches this current car is his favourite. A roll cage, racing seats with harness and the stunning white alloys the car really is a head turner.

As with all editorial car shoots the location is key, Brooklands Museum were on hand for the setting and the grey metallic of the car set off really well against the banking and aviation backdrops. Lighting was used with a mix of the Profoto location lighting set up. The brief is also to cover 50-60 photos, some of the whole car, various angles, landscape/portrait orientation and a mix of details of the car as well. The current issue of Performance Mini is out now where you can read the full article on Jon's Cooper S.