BLOG 2019


NVN Motorworks recently opened its doors in London, with Mr JWW you tube and social media car enthusiast being at the forefront of bringing the successful formula of the Dubai studio to the UK it has had a buzz across the automotive world, today was a chance to tour this amazing facility...
A leader in paint protection solutions, detailing and window tinting – at NVN they pride on an unrivalled attention to detail and quality of work. As a licensed XPEL studio, boasting state-of-the-art facilities in both their locations, the signature PPF-X offering uses the latest technology to ensure sand, stones and road debris will never damage your vehicle. No matter what life throws at your car, NVN provides you with the protection you need.

NVN Motorworks is now open at Premiere Park, in London and seeing the work that is undertaken on each car is mind blowing, the attention to detail before the car is even allowed to have the PPF installed can take days. When you enter the facility you are shown in to the Timothy Oulton lounge that was bespoke to the NVN facility, full of petrol head inspired decor.

To be honest when I entered the facility seeing some of the most iconic classic and modern cars under one roof was pretty astonishing, a new Ford GT next to the Porsche Carrera GT and a classic Skyline was just the start of an amazing selection that had been detailed and had the PPF treatment. You may think that this facility only caters for the exotica of the super car world, the timing could take been better as they were just starting on a Ford Mustang, part of one of their customers collection and his favourite car hence the PPF treatment, even though the car has 20,000 miles on it.

Looking forward to a return visit soon at this stunning facility, keep an eye on their Instagram posts to see the amazing cars coming in on a daily basis @nvnlondon