BLOG 2019


Ford Mustang celebrates its 55th birthday on the 17th April, so the weekend prior saw the 6th annual meeting by The Mustang Garage in the streets of Heusden-Zolder, Belgium...
Simply Mustangs UK led a group of owners down to the beautiful and tranquil setting of Heisden-Zolder where the Mustang Fever event took place, it has to be said with numerous V8's driving around the town the peace and quiet of the weekend was soon gone, added with the smell of octane it was a petrolhead dream. Cruising down from Calais early Saturday morning we met up with the SMUK group at midday, the Belgian organisers had given us a plot in the centre of the intersection as you came out of the estate, with a mix of classic and new generation Mustangs in various guises you could pretty much guarantee not to find an exact copy even among the 800 plus cars that attended each day, the Sunday was expected to reach 1000 cars but I haven't seen that clarified yet.

Mustang owners reach a wide range of ages and people, their was a real family vibe about the show and seeing this American icon filling up a town was a surreal experience, even more so the occasional snow showers that appeared mid afternoon!

Sunday morning and as we were only a short drive from the Older circuit we decided to pay our respects to the Formula 1 legend Gilles Villeneuve, and a walk around part of the empty circuit was a humbling experience. Off to the border and a lunch stop in on elf Holland's oldest Cities, Maastricht which was a great end to a weekend of Muscle cars and racing legends. I won't mention about the Channel Tunnel easter delays as we bypassed this and took the more relaxing ferry back to Dover.