BLOG 2019


Winter time in the UK isn't the nicest way to start the year, so we decided to take a weeks break in Dubai, pretty much the guarantee of sun and temperatures in the high twenties...
Dubai is renowned for having the grandest of anything in the World, its most iconic building is the Burj Khalifa, standing at a World record height of 2,722 ft and even nine years after it was completed it still hold the record. Situated in Downtown Dubai, where we stayed it is the focal point from anywhere in the area and further afield. With fountain display in the evening and an ever changing light display you can't help but be in awe of this stunning piece of architecture.

The rest of the holiday was all about relaxing, although the Dubai Mall next to us with 1200 shops was an interesting place to visit, again this is the largest mall in the World! As this was a holiday I packed the compact and dependable Panasonic LX100, with its 24-70mm lens and quality sensor it worked well in all conditions, even at night time without the use of a tripod. Definitely recommend Dubai, great people, clean and meticulous roads, shops and hotels and the guarantee of great weather whenever you visit.