BLOG 2019


As the lecturing at the University of Kent comes to a conclusion one of the final practical sessions was to capture the all new Suzuki Jimny on the campus grounds. This was a good lesson for the students to capture the vehicle and think about composition and lighting...
Suzuki have released what has turned out to be one of the most desirable cars out in the market today, not just in the UK but Worldwide. The demand for this little 4WD jeep has exceeded production and dealers now are waiting for stock. Canterbury Suzuki are doing a social media campaign for the public to photograph the car out and about in Canterbury, with this in mid it seemed a good opportunity to showcase it in the grounds of the University of Kent, and in return the students get to photograph a very rare car!

The key elements to car photography are lighting, composition and backgrounds, fortunately their are a host to choose from in the picturesque setting of the campus. The final photos the students submit will be voted for by the team at Canterbury Suzuki and be used on their social media platforms.