BLOG 2019


Brands Hatch Morgan have been a client of mine for almost a decade now, from time to time I have the opportunity to photograph some of their cars, today a couple of Plus 4 models for their website where the vehicles will be up for sale...
Morgan have been around for over 100 years now, a British car manufacture who over the years have kept their design and build techniques as original as possible from the early days. The two Plus 4 models photographed today were in two different colours, Emerald Fire Green metallic and a Grey primer finish. The early start meant that some frost was still around and made for some typical Winter scenes of the newer Plus 4 model, with its Ford 2 litre engine that produces 154 bhp the Oxted Village setting worked well for this British icon.

The second car was the Emerald Green roadster, using the picturesque setting of Eynsford which is just a short drive from the Morgan dealership in Borough Green, the setting of the Ford had been used before , so I used some different angles and the 50mm prime lens to give a different perspective of the car and location.