BLOG 2019


Chloe is a student at Folkestone College, studying health and beauty, in a joint collaboration with Antoine Et Lili, the French boutique clothes shop in Canterbury, a portrait photography session was set up early Monday morning...
The Parisian-based brand, founded by Martine Senac and Alexandre Gattegno in 1994, is known for its vibrant women’s and children’s wear. Since Antoine & Lili was acquired by Dzeta Group and Judith Benhamou, the new owners have been exploring future options for the business. The new owners have been organizing operations, expanding Antoine & Lili collection and growing the brand’s presence online and offline in France and Europe. The store in Canterbury is the first in the UK and sits alongside its French and Swiss other retail outlets.

The fashion photo shoot took place over a two hour period, using a selection of clothes from the store and some iconic locations in the City of Canterbury, lighting was with the Profoto A1 off camera for versatility, used off camera the light packs a real punch. I used the Sigma 85m Art lens, doesn't often get used a great deal but for portraits it is a superb lens.