BLOG 2018


Cosworth Engineering based in Northampton was the location for a very special photography shoot for Performance Ford magazine, with the RS Owners group and some superb Sierra Cosworth examples it was going to be an interesting and unique opportunity for everyone involved...
When Cosworth first opened their doors in 1958 they had one mission: to change the boundaries of what could be achieved through engineering by ‘messing about with engines’. Today, 60 years later they continue to push the limits of Powertrain and Electronics for road and race.

From their Formula 1 domination in the 60’s and 70’s, to revolutionary remote real-time data analysis in the 80’s, their innovations have led where others followed. Today they are at the forefront of performance, efficiency, connectivity and automation technology.

Most notable in the late 80's for producing the Cosworth range of Engines for Ford the company has always been a part of the blue oval culture, with the resurgence of Performance Ford this year as well being invited along was a great opportunity for the two brands to show off the Engine facility and some classic Fords that are heading in to strong values in the Classic Car world.

The car magazine photography was to capture the invited Ford owners as they toured the facilities and showed their cars off at the front entrance of the Cosworth factory. The magazine is a subscription only publication at the moment and is full of classic to modern day Fords from various walks of life.