BLOG 2018


Early afternoon and off to Dungeness with Harley Davidson owner Jack, his recent purchase of a Sportster 883 down in the rural setting of Dungeness was perfect...
Harley Davidson is the most iconic brand in America for bikes, and over in the UK and Europe the brand has a massive following for its rugged and muscular looking bikes. Jack's Sportster 883 looks impressive against the barren backdrop of Dungeness on the Kent coastline. The low Autumn sunshine alongside the Profoto lighting set up worked really well for a Californian style sunset shoot. The air cooled 883cc bike got loads of admiring looks and Jack also got involved with some moody portraits with his bike.

I used a mix of prime and zoom lenses, the 50mm for the static and portrait photos with the telephoto zoom 70-200mm for the panning and detailed images of the Harley Davidson.