BLOG 2018


FH Browne & Sons have been building organs since 1871, they have during the years built for churches and chapels not only in this country but places as diverse as Egypt and Canada. Several of Mr. Browne's sons joined him in the business which also included a general music shop selling sheet music, pianos, American organs and other musical instruments...
F.H. Browne employs 10 people, managed by Stephen Bayley (Managing Director), Yvette Bayley (Company Secretary) and Michael Keays (Director). There staff includes skilled craftsmen in cabinet making, organ case design, mechanical, pneumatic and electric organ action, leatherwork, tuning and voicing. They also run an organ apprentice scheme, ensuring the current skills are passed onto the next generation, so that the organ heritage can continue to be supported and maintained well into the future.

Whilst many of FH Browne's customers are located in London and Southern and Home counties of England, they also welcome the opportunity to consider organ restoration projects elsewhere. The photography took place at in Chiswick, London and Deal, Kent where the company had recently built bespoke organs for the two Churches. The photography covered the organs in full alongside detailed images and wider shots showing the scale of the instruments that had been built to a superb standard.

I used a tripod and the Nikon D850 at its highest resolution so that these large scale images can be easily cropped to show the fine detail that the company have painstakingly produced.