BLOG 2018


Caffeine and Machine opened its doors to the public at the weekend, after visiting a few weeks before it was great to see the coffee house, restaurant and bed and breakfast location all set up. With hundreds of cars, bikes, trucks and even a tractor anything can turn up at the location for petrol heads, the brainchild of Phil McGovern and Tom "Wookie" Ford this place is going to be the location for enthusiasts all over the Country to drive to...
Caffeine and Machine is located in Ettington, Stratford-upon-Avon, the Caffeine and Machine has seen a local B&B and restaurant , The Houndshill, transformed into a destination for petrol heads from across the UK, I even chatted to a guy from Belgium who was en route to the Evo Triangle in Wales for a road trip, its location in the Midlands is perfect and on a sunny Saturday morning the 3 hour drive up from Kent wasn't even too bad.

The main house has been refurbished in to a high end restaurant, with the main bar endorsed with motoring memorabilia, automotive photography and merchandise with the C & M logo on. The number of cars on display alone made for one of the best museums you could hope to see anywhere in the UK, Audi Quattro group B rally car, Bonneville Octavia RS, Jaguar Project 8 SVO (2 of them!) and some 007 Aston and Land Rover's around the woodlands site. The public turned up in a selection of cars, you name it and it was their, a real family atmosphere as well and no snobbery just a real appreciation of the car and bikes on display. I'll be returning very soon.