BLOG 2018


Portcullis House was the location for yesterdays evenings photography event for the British Beer & Pub Associations event, this was to highlight how many jobs were in each MP's constituency and as a result how many staff were employed in the sector..
The British Beer & Pub Association is the leading body representing Britain’s brewers and pub companies. The Association is more than a century old and was originally founded as the Brewers’ Society in 1904. The BBPA members account for some 90% of beer brewed in Britain today, and around half of the nation’s pubs. These members are also diverse in their activity – from international brewers, to market-leading managed pub companies, the nation’s largest tenanted pub companies and historic family brewers. The Association exists to promote and protect one of the nation’s most iconic and important industries. Not only is it a significant contributor to the economy, but also a vital cultural icon unique to Britain. Almost a million jobs are reliant on our sector, and the economy is £21.4 billion better off.

The Photography was to capture each MP with BBPA chief executive Bridgette Simmonds OBE showing a chalkboard with their figures on for number of pubs and employment, the photos will be published on the companies websites as well as promoted by the various MP's who were in attendance. The room that we had at Portcullis House had traditional wood panelled walls that replicated the Houses of Parliament feel that we wanted to get in to the images.