BLOG 2018


Today at my offices in Canterbury I was covering some new corporate head shots for solicitor Lindsay Sharp. The photos will be used for her website and LinkedIn pages...
Lindsay Sharp is a Notary Public and a member of the Notaries Society of England and Wales based in Kent. She provides a full range of Notary Public services to both private and corporate clients authenticating documents to be used world-wide.

Lindsay also practises as a Solicitor specialising in property matters and land transactions with Whitehead Monckton. As a Solicitor, she is a member of the Law Society of England and Wales and Kent Law

Lindsay has offices in Canterbury and Littlebourne but will travel across the county as required to meet client's individual needs. The photos were taken with the 70-200mm telephoto zoom with the aid of the compact but powerful Profoto A1 hand held light, it was used off camera on a lighting stand to give a soft fill in light on the subject.