BLOG 2018


Most of the time with car photography you are capturing the vehicle in its original condition, whether it’s a classic or modern super car, todays shoot was a little different. Andreas has owned this stunning Ford Focus ST for a few years now and has had it modified so tat it looks completely different to the base car it was from new...
Location wise we settled for an industrial setting, with the chameleon wrap on the Focus and its variety of different colours an urban setting would suit the vehicle. Their was also a long drive that comes in to the venue which gave us the opportunity to cover some panning shots and also to utilise the blue skies where the ST would really stand out.

Without lighting this would have been a tricky car to capture as in certain lights the colour shift is very dramatic, using three Profoto lights gave me the flexibility to light the front, side and rear quarters and if needed adjust the outputs as well, mainly under exposing so that the lighting was giving definition to the areas required.

I would normally use the 70-200mm lens, but for the majority stuck with the 50mm prime lens, with the Nikon D850 and its fold out screen I was able to get some low down angles of the car. The ST also wasn’t just modified on the exterior, the interior and engine bays had loads of customisation and Andreas had also lowered and boosted the power of the car just to set it away from ten stock vehicle. If you have a classic, sports or modified car then please contact me for bespoke car photography packages, also gift vouchers are available as well.