BLOG 2018


Honda in recent years have brought the performance back to their range, a few years back the introduction of a brand new Civic Type R lifted the brand back to a younger age group, then a facelift Civic introduced an all new R version all within the space of three years. And after years of speculation the legendary NSX was re-born last year, special day today as it shared centre stage with the new BMW i8 Roadster...
NSX is a true 90's icon, the original car was tested by Ayrton Senna and was a supercar that took on the likes of Ferrari for a fraction of the price, it was also the car that Gordon Murray used as a benchmark for the ultimate 90's super car the McLaren F1. The NSX was launched last year with only forty coming in to the UK, so a rare car indeed and at £143,000 starting price it really is taking on the super car fraternity again. The car produces 581PS that brings in a staggering 645nm of torque which propels it from 0-60 in 3.3 seconds. The car has three electric motors and a twin turbocharged 3.5 litre V6 engine and is all wheel drive, so some old school and modern technology combined. Finished in the Nouvelle blue pearlescent paint and with machined alloy wheels the car looks like a mix of Audi R8, McLaren 570 to me but just more individual, the NSX badges are discreet, on the brake callipers and on the engine bay make the car all about the styling. This car also has the carbon fibre pack and carbon ceramics which wit the amount of power the car produces are a must have option.

Photographing the car alongside the BMW i8 Roadster for Barretts of Canterbury was a real pleasure, the sunshine added to the paintwork finish along with the Profoto lighting set up of the B1 and B2, the fill in light defined the aero of the car and shows off the alloys and the intricate styling of the car. Although Barretts have a Honda dealership in the group due to its exclusivity the NSX can only be purchased from two dealers in the UK. I'd throughly recommend driving the budget Civic Type R at Barretts Honda, just over £30,000 and a real hoot to drive its one of the best hot hatches out their if you are after a performance car with every day practicality.