BLOG 2018


Brooklands has hosted the Auto Italia magazine sponsored car show for a number of years now, their can be very few displays where you can see a forty Lamborghinis with a 1993 Fiat Tipo among these brutal and exotic super cars...
An early arrival ensures some good arrival photos of the mix of Italian cars as they start to line up and fill up the Brooklands site.

Auto Italia magazine does a great job of organising this event every year and always had some stunning cars on display, during the course of the day thousands of people turned up to see the cars on display and also enjoy the Spring sunshine. At midday a selection of cars then makes its way to Mercedes World next door for some parade laps around the test circuit, its always nice to see some of the Lamborghini's, Ferraris gracing the circuit with the 1970's Maserati's and Lancis's.

For me the photography brief from Brooklands is always to capture the event from a visitors viewpoint, and throughout the day I was using 50mm and 300mm prime lenses, working with two cameras then gives me the flexibility to switch between the focal lengths, the longer lens comes in to its own for candids and also the action shots of the cars on the Mercedes-Benz circuit.