BLOG 2018


The annual Mini day that is held at Brooklands Museum in Weybridge, Surrey always attracts thousands of car enthusiasts and Mini fans. With in excess of 1000 cars, modern and classics the day had a great atmosphere and just goes to show why Britain has had a love affair with this little car from the 60's...
In total just over 1000Minis were on display at Brooklands, i've covered this event for Brooklands for many years and the attendance just keeps getting bigger each time. The day was overcast and the lighting was flat, having said that their were plenty of bright colours on display and with the addition of Test Hill their was plenty to capture. As ever the Mini owners know how to modify there vehicles and this makes for some interesting car photos, you could name almost any interpretation of paint job and it would been on one of the 1000 cars present, New York cabs, Tiggers, Mini Mini's and the list goes on. This year there were even more of the new Mini's present, the manufacturer has been keen for people to modify these upon order with various decals and roof and colour combos to make them individual to other peoples cars.

Brooklands are always after people shots, the candids make it for me and with the history of the Mini their was a real cross section of people in attendance. I had a nice mix of people shots, wide scenic scapes of the Brooklands site adorned with Mini's plus a few quirky detail images of the cars on show. Kit wise I had the 24-70mm F2.8 lens, such a good all rounder and attached to the D850 it gives a nice natural contrast to the overall image.