BLOG 2018


Geneva International Motor Show celebrated its 88th Anniversary this year, and over the course of last weekend with a group of friends we decided to utilise the Golf R's all round capabilities for a four day road trip down to SAnnecy, and visiting the show en route...
Volkswagen produced the Golf R to replace the R32, its top of the range hot hatch and the big Brother to the legendary GTI. The R version produces 300bhp (316 in the 18 MY), has rear wheel drive and this version has the DSG gearbox. With four up and luggage for a few days it was the perfect choice. Whatever the conditions the car was able to get all of its power down, in damp and sometimes icy conditions.

We stayed in the centre of Annecy, the Ibis sits alongside the Thiou River, ideal for walking around this historic Town and only a 30 minute drive across the border to Geneva for the Motor show and also some epic Alpine roads, full of twits and turns. The route to Fort du Mont isn't for the faint hearted and some of the road wasn't much wider than the Golf, the views from the top were spectacular and made for some atmospheric images. I have driven the R before but in dry conditions, and although perfectly balanced it didn't provide that wow factor, my minds changed now as for more then half of the year the UK weather is pretty damp and wet and having a car that can produce a sure-footedness and provide the power that this car does links all of the elements that makes driving fun.