BLOG 2018


The Beauty Spot is situated in West Street, Faversham. Owner Trina had contacted me about covering portraits of the staff at the salon on Friday afternoon, I also covered some informal and product photos as well...
The Beauty Spot was established in 1989, and every year since they have endeavoured to provide and source the best treatments and products for their growing list of clients. Treatments include massage, skin care and anti-ageing, make-up, nails and tanning and aromatherapy using the finest products and specialist techniques. The Beauty Spot also has above the main Salon which covers training and scheduled courses.

The portraits of the staff had to be consistent, with a new website being developed as well I covered portrait and landscape orientations. Lighting was with the pair of Profoto portable studio lights, the B2 and compact A1, both on light stands and using the high speed sync function so I could use a fast shutter speed and a shallow depth of field. The website will be live shortly where the images will be used, alongside the companies social media pages.